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What can we offer you?

40 Tipping silo tanks
30 Trucks Euro 6
Capacity between
43 and 63 m³

Real-time traceability

Reasons for choosing us

Dry Bulk GoodsTransportation

  • Strong knowledge of both the market and the rules and regulations for food and animal feed transportation
  • Differents Silos tanks  and equipment according to the needs of our clients and their goods
  • Flexible planning
  • Experienced Drivers
  • Quotation in less than 24 hours

In Cisternas Amarillo, we do our job with the highest efficiency and guarantee of confidence.

Servicios de transporte

Quotes in less than 24 hours

In Cisternas Amarillo, we know that trust and security are critical for the transportation of food and animal feeds. We provide you a team of skilled professionals to take care of your transportation needs.

Fleet of 40 tankers with the latest technology

We have a fleet that covers the entire Iberian Peninsula, as well as international transports in Europe. This makes us one of the most attractive partners for your bulk transportation needs for food and animal feeds.

Security for your goods

The tankers guarantee the safety of the goods transported. All cleaning is done in approved facilities and in accordance with the current health regulations. In addition, we follow customer specific cleaning protocols where required.

All our vehicles carry out periodic washings in the event that the same product is transported solely and exclusively, and in the event that different products are transported, for each product change we do the same operation. We have the possibility to make an allergen test for avoiding contaminations and PH controls for checking the water quality.

Security and Training

Our company uses training progammes as the base for our security standards and in addition, we observe strict compliance with:


  • Security plan.
  • Internal and external audits.
  • Security standards and protocols.
  • Continuous reviews of internal and external risks with the assistance of external risk advisors.

Order your transport now! or call us at 955 123 906
Order your transport now! or call us at955 123 906