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Slide Dry bulk
road transport
We are specialised in dry bulk transport of granulates
and powder products with special focus on food stuff
and raw materials for the food and animal feed industry.
Regulated bulk foodstuff transportation is key
to guaranteeing safe and hygienic consumer food products.
Slide Great Service with
a Strong Fleet
We have a modern fleet as a result of our fleet
renewal policies. Our equipment holds
the latest technology and resources.
EU Regulation requires bulk foodstuff
transportation to take place in food
stuff only vehicles. Parts of our fleet is
dedicated to the transport of foodstuff
only, and Cisternas Amarillo is this your
perfect partner to meet the food safety
and hygiene requirements for your goods.

Personalized attention

We adapt to the needs of each client, offering a customised approach to your transportation needs. Through the deployment of our specialised fleet of trucks and dry bulk road tankers, we strive to be an integrated part of your supply chain, partnering to achieve the best possible solution to your specific transportation needs.


We offer our clients full control and traceability of their merchandise. To assist this, all our vehicles are equipped with the latest telematics and transport management technology that allow an exhaustive tracking of all shipments until the end of the delivery. In this way, food safety and compliance is ensured throughout the transport process.

Periodic reviews

Our fleet, trucks as well as tankers, are subject to a strict maintenance policies and periodic reviews. We carry out cleaning and sanitation of our fleet in approved cleaning facilities, always in accordance with the current health regulations and following customer specific protocols where required.

Who we are?

We are a company specialised in the transport of bulk powder and granulates in bulk powder road tankers. We specialise in the transport of food stuff, ingredients and raw materials for animal feed.

With more than 50 years of experience in the industry, we cover our customers transportation needs both nationally as well as internationally.

What is the opinion of our clients?


Cisterns, 40 tilting silo tankers and 30 tractor Euro 6


years of experience in the food and powder transport sector


cubic meters of capacity in food tankers

Write us, we will answer you as soon as possible.